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Registering & Booking - Including Trial Lessons

If you’d like to register yourself or your child with The Music School Wanstead and book lessons online, you can do this below - you can also register for a trial lesson

When registering and booking online, please provide us with as much information about yourself and your child. This helps to ensure that we get you onto the right programme.

Please note:

  • There is a one-off, non-refundable registration fee** of £15.50 for each pupil, including keyboard pupils
    All fees must be paid before lessons start

  • Lessons, excluding keyboard group lessons, are taught on a 2 pupil to 1 teacher basis.
    These Lessons are 30-minutes in duration and cost £14 per student per lesson.

  • Keyboard group lessons are either:
    30-minute shared lesson £10 per student per lesson - group aged 5 to 6 of up to 5 pupils or,
    60-minute shared lesson £11.50 per student per lesson - group aged 7+ of up to 6 pupils

  • 1 full term of lessons or pro-rated must be booked in advance
    Please choose, an age appropriate group when enrolling for your lessons
    5 to 7 yrs. | 8 to 10 yrs. | 11 to 13 yrs. | 14 yrs. +

Please read all our Term and Conditions carefully when you register - we assume you have done so. 


If your child has expressed an interest in learning to play a musical instrument, we offer a free trial lesson so they can enjoy the feel, sound and whole musical experience before you make a termly commitment.

  • You must first book your free trial, before arriving; having chosen your instrument and an age group

  • There is £15.50 registration fee** which is refundable if you decide not to continue with lessons

  • Our trial lessons are in small groups of between 2 to 4 pupils and last for 30-minutes

  • The Music School Wanstead will get back to you with available times and dates within 48 hours – free trails are subject to availability

Please carefully read all our Trial Lesson Terms and Conditions when you register – on receiving your application we assume that you have read them.

**Registration fee
The one-off non-refundable £15.50 Registration Fee covers the cost of teacher recruitment, interviewing and reference checking. In addition, it covers the 24-hour access to your pupil portal account. Once the Registration Fee payment is received and your account is established you will receive more detailed information on how you can pay for a full term of lessons


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