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Piano Lesson Times 

This page is for enrolling for paid lessons (minimum term’s enrolment required).

We can also provide a free trial lesson for your child at any of the times shown below.  Click here to book an initial free trial lesson. 

Alternatively, please call us on 020 8502 0932 to arrange your free trial lesson.

  Monday 5.00pm   8-11 year old   Beginner  Book Now
  Monday 6.45pm   7-10 year old   Beginner  Book Now
  Tuesday 4.00pm   7/8 year old   Beginner  Book Now 
  Tuesday 5.00pm   6/7 year old   Beginner  Book Now
  Tuesday 6.30pm   8-11 year old   Beginner  Book Now
  Tuesday 7.00pm   Any age (6+) - empty class at present   Beginner  Book Now
  Tuesday 6.30pm   10-13 year old   ABRSM Grade 2 standard  Book Now
  Thursday 5.30pm   7-9 year old   Beginner  Book Now
  Wednesday 4.30pm   7-10 year old   Beginner  Book Now 
  Wednesday 5.15pm   8-11 year old   Beginner  Book Now 
  Wednesday 6.45pm   6/7 year old   Beginner  Book Now 
  Friday 4.00pm   7-9 year old   Beginner  Book Now
  Friday 5.00pm   8-11 year old   Beginner  Book Now
  Friday 6.00pm   7-10 year old   Beginner  Book Now
  Saturday 9.15am   7-9 year old   Beginner  Book Now
  Saturday 11.15am    9-12 year old   ABRSM Grade 3 standard  Book Now
  Saturday 12.15pm   7-10 year old   Beginner  Book Now


All piano lessons are half an hour in duration.