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What instruments do you teach?

At present we teach piano, keyboard, violin and guitar.  You can find out more about these lessons on the 'Instruments Taught' page. Yes, we are planing some new programes for the Autum term. Drop us an email and we will update you when we have finalised our new programme.

Do you plan to teach any other instruments?

We would love to start off drum and singing lessons, but we are currently out of space!  Our lessons for other instruments are so in demand, all our teaching rooms and times are booked up.  If we can find more space, we will advertise on the internet and in local press - fingers crossed!

I can't find a suitable time - do you have a waiting list?

Yes we do.  If you would like to go on our waiting list, you will need to email us at, letting us know the instrument, which day and roughly what time you require.  We apologise that we do not have a simple way to send us this information on the website at present.

What's the difference between keyboard and piano lessons?

Keyboard lessons will normally have 5-7 pupils in, and are designed to be a light-hearted, pressure-free environment for children to learn in.  Keyboard students would normally not take exams, for instance.  However, as with all our classes there are methods we use of providing incentives and targets to keep students motivated - gold stars, stickers, end-of term certificates, informal tests, etc.

Piano lessons are also light-hearted and enjoyable classes, but in these classes children are encouraged to take exams (although exams are in no way compulsory).  By their very nature, exams create pressure as the exam date draws nearer.  Having said this, we strive to make sure that piano classes are as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.  Piano lessons only have a maximum 2 children per class.

Technically, keyboard classes are taught on smaller (61-note) 'portable' keyboards, and piano classes are taught on full-sized pianos with weighted keys and 88 notes.  Pupils can easily transfer from keyboard classes to piano classes if they wish.     

Do you teach adults?

Yes, we are planing some new programes for the Autum term. Drop us an email and we will update you when we have finalised our new programme.

Where do you find your teachers?

Generally, when we need to find a new teacher, we will advertise in the music trade press, and often in the local paper - we will normally interview 15-20 teachers to find 1 new teacher.  We also have lots of good contacts we have built up over the years, who normally provide us with excellent recommendations when we are looking for teachers. 

Can my child take exams?

Yes - if they are learning piano, keyboard, violin or guitar we would positively encourage it.  It is possible to go in for exams if your child is learning keyboard, but these classes are not so suited to children taking exams, as there are more pupils per class.  It is much more difficult for a teacher to handle exam students in classes containing 5-7 pupils (in the case of keyboard classes) than classes containing 2 pupils (in the case of piano, guitar or violin classes).

How long will it take to progress through each exam?

It depends.  To pass exams, children have to practice regularly - every day, in fact.  Also, a child's aptitude for the instrument will effect how fast they progress, but their aptitude will not be enough if they don't practice.

Very generally, if children do practice regularly they should be able to take a fresh exam every 12-18 months.  At the risk of repetition, the timescale is dependent on how much work is put in, so it could be quicker than this if a lot of practice is done, or it could be longer, if very little work is done.

How do you get students to practice?

We think a lot about how to get students to practice, as they will get a lot more out of their lessons if they do.  Our target is to get to a point where all our students are practising voluntarily every day!  We know that - at the moment - a lot of our students do practice voluntarily, but also we know that some don't!

We often use stars and end-of-term certificates to try and reward improvement.

Exams, also, are a good way of providing a way of providing motivation for students, as they know that the consequence of not practising when an exam is drawing near is inevitably a failed exam.

No matter what we do though, we still need parents to give their kids a push when necessary.  We try and help with this by using practice diaries in lessons, where a teacher will write down what needs to be practised week by week.  The idea is that parents can look at this at home, so they can have more idea of what needs to be done.  We can easily provide these diaries at a cost of £3.99.

Do you have any other schools nearer my area?

No, we don't at the moment - just the school in Wanstead.  We don't have any plans to expand in the immediate future, but you never know........