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Trinity Grade 7 Guitar Exams 2015

You need to score at least 60 (out of 100) in the the exam to pass.

Here's what you need to do in the exam -

1.  Play 3 pieces
You need to play 3 pieces - taken either from the 'Trinity Grade 7 Pieces & Exercise' book or from the alternatives list (alternatives are listed in the 'Trinity Grade 7 Pieces & Exercise' book, but you'll need to buy another book for the alternative piece). 

You can achieve a maximum of 66 marks for your pieces (22 marks per piece).

2.  Technical Work

The Technical Work for each exam can be found in the back of the the 'Trinity Grade 7 Pieces & Exercise' book.

Technical Work for guitar is either scales and arpeggios or Technical Suite (a series of short exercises for guitar).

Both the scales/arpeggios you need to play, and the Technical Suite are included in the back of the 'Trinity Grade 7 Pieces & Exercises' book. 

You can achieve a maximum of 14 marks for this section.

3.  Supporting Test
For Grades 6 to 8, candidates must do 2 'Supporting Tests' -

1.  Sight Reading (Sight Reading is a compulsory Supporting Test for Grades 6-8)
2.  Either Improvisation or Aural.

You can achieve a maximum of 20 marks for this section - 10 points per 'Supporting Test'.

More detailed information here.